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Decreasing Product quantity


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Hi there,

I have built a point of sale system in FM7 and have most of the process working.


What I am trying to do now is when you "add the sale" I need the system to look at the products in the invoice to check whether the item is a Product or service. This is for a Salon so there could be a hair cut and 2 bottles of shampoo.

1 x service and 2 products.


If the item is a product then the system needs to minus the quantity sold from its inventory.


I am hoping someone can give me an idea of how to achieve this (the thought process)


Please let me know if you need more info.


Kindest regards Ron NEville

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Hi Ron . . .


Quite simple really. Services are not listed in the inventory, so obviously they cannot be deducted from it. But if a product is entered which IS in the inventory, then the appropriate reduction is automatically made.


Be well . . .


Tom smile.gif

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I am a little lost with the concept of products and services. The way I have it set up at the moment is all are products with a Product/Service category field. If the drop down category is set to product then the inventory fields appear. (Love those invisible buttons via relationship)


So I do a sale which includes 1 x Shampoo and 1 x Conditioner. when I run the "Post sale" script I need it to loop through each line item and firstly check whether its category is set to product or service. If it is a product then I need to deduct the quantity from its inventory.


Can someone give me an idea of the looping script which would achieve the result... regards Ron

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There's an invoices file that has line items portal with sales?

Where do you keep track of the stock? In a third file or in the sales line items file?



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Thanks Kjoe,

I am building this section ATM and not sure if I am doing this right but the inventory is tracked via the products database.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Ron

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I think you're doing fine.

what you do is this:

you make sure you've got the product ID in the sales line items file.

then set up a relation between the sales line items file/table and the products file/table.


the script runs like this:



#you're in the invoices table#

go to related records [show only related, "LineItems"]

#you've got a found set of all line items now#

go to record [first]



set field[Products::QtyInStock, Products::QtyInStock-LineItems::ItemsSold]

#ItemsSold is the quantity sold#

end if

go to record [exit after last, next]

end loop


i just typed out this script without testing, so if you run into problems please let me know. the if/end if wrap is probably redundant.



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Why run a script at all? If you have properly set up your data base, the entry of a product ID and quantity dynamically reduces the product's quantity by the amount entered. If you change it to a lesser or greater amount, it will instantly reflect that change. I see no reason to add the step of running a script when one can dynamically update their inventory instantly.



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