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"Custom Color" Palette Difficulties


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Does anyone know how to efficiently copy Fill Colors from an objects selected in a layout to the "Custom Color" palette?



In Layout Mode, I select an object such as a box or field I have created. The box's fill is a custom color. I select the Fill Tool and then select "other color" at the bottom. My objective is to add the custom color to the "Custom colors" palette. This is simple for the first color (just click the "Add to Custom Colors" button. The problem arises when I try to add additional colors from other selected objects. If go back to the layout and select another object and return to the "other colors" palette and then click the "Add to Custom Colors" button again, it replaces the existing color previously entered. If you click a new square in the palette the color of the selected object is deleted and you must re-enter the color in the RGB profile (if you remember it) and then click "Add to Custom Colors". I tried Tabbing and it does not work.


If find this very time consuming, especially when I return to the palette the following day and all of my previously entered custom colors have disappeared and I must rebuild the custom palette.


Any suggestions?

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