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menu to select hosted databases + LDAP?


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1)I'm using FileMaker Server 7v3 and I'm trying to register FileMaker Server with a directory service (AD) but I'm not able to do this. I fill in everything correctly:

Directory server name:



Login settings

Enabled Use Windows authentication

log in using:


I get the following errormessage in eventviewer:

Source: FileMaker Server 7

Event ID:27

Description:Registration with directory service failed. (No Such Object)


Does anybody knows what I have to do here?


2)Is there a way to enumerate all databases that are hosted on a FileMaker Server?

Some sort of Menu database for finding and opening hosted databases?

I would like to create a script (e.g. a vb script) so my endusers just have to click this script that will open e.g. a HTML file with all hosted databases displayed. Then they only have to select one and click ok and the enduser will be automatically redirected to this hosted database. It doesnn't need to be in vb script, it can also be a different language (or maybe with ScriptMaker).


thanks in advance for any help!

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