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Calculate number of records


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Okay, I not too sure on how you do this, what I have is a page which lists records, I want to add to the header a thing that just says Number of records: # just like you can show page number, this would be for browse and prievew view.


i am guessing it would be a calculation field? but not too sure.


Thanks in advance

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You want to see number of records in current page?

Why you want to do it?

May be Is better before each record puting his number by @@-symbol?

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the @@ symbol will return the current record number


In the status area you get the total number of records and the number in the current found set for free. Is this not useable for you?


then Unstored calc:

Status(CurrentRecordCount) and Status(CurrentFoundCount) (v6)

if I translated right.... :-/


or Get(...) (v7)




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