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FM7 Slowdown

Officer Ron

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Server Windows 2000-Dual Pent III 1ghz processors 1 gig mem.

Client XP - Pent. IV 2.8 800 FSB - 512 Mem.

FMS / FMP 7.0v3


Problem...After a user has been using the solution for some period of time they have been noticing a slowdown, specifically in the drop down lists. I understand that since most processing is done on the Server there is a slight lag time compared to FM6 (at least in the case of the dropdown lists). At first the dropdowns are relativly quick. I've been trying to adjust the cache size of the client and have tried different settings on the server as far as the cache size and time distribution of the cache. Has anyone experienced this and if so does anyone have any suggestions. As of right now the only solution to this problem is for the user to close out FM on the client and start it up again. Thanks. Ron

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Hi Ron,


we experienced the same thing with a project for one of our customers. Especially value lists coming from related files are extremely slow (all the time). We tried al sorts of alternatives but in the end they decided to stick with FM 6!

This issue is also heavily discussed on the FSA member forum - up to now there has not been an alternative but waiting for an FM 7 update.....

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Thats what I was afraid of. I hope 7.0v4 is coming soon and that the developers are working on a fix!

This is very frustrating to users who were used to the instand drop downs in FM6.

Thanks, Ron

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