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save record to different table


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I feel as if I am overlooking something, since there clearly has to be either a join or a script functionality doing this:


I have a one record table (lookup_table) and, upon changes made to that one record, would like the record be be saved to a different table (list_table). So, after three changes made to that record, there would be three records in the other table (list_table), and still only one record in the original table (lookup_table).


I have tried joins, lookups, calculations, and copy scripts, but nothing works.

It might not work because the contents of the original table (lookup_table) are 90 percent looked up themselves,as the name indicates. But I merely want to copy the content of that one record to another table and save it there.




P.S.: My last two postings were already hinting at this problem, but since the suggestions I received did not work for my file, here I am again, this time left with this one problem only (after which I am done with my very first working Filemaker file, yay).

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By the way, I thought that once I find out how to solve this problem, I can easily compare the one record from lookup_table against all records in list_table, should there be any, in order to update any outdated records. This should be smooth sailing, since I am using a keyfield for both tables.

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