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Auto trigger base on different field, need help


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I was wondering if someone can help me with this. basically i have two field set up , one is call input date and the other is call confirmation number. what i want to do is when a user enter a date in the input date field; i want the input date field to do auto-trigger and enter serial number in the confirmation number field automatically.


any help would be appreciate it.




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i started using that but my goal is that when user put in the date, in the field call Input Date. It can auto enter the confirmatin number in the field call Confirmation Number. do i have to do script for this to happen?

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the auto enter calculation:


case(Input Date;your_value)


how do you want your serial? you could use


Case(Input Date; Status(CurrentRecordCode))


that will give you a unique number if I'm not mistaken. However, it will be serialized according to record creation and not according to the order of input dates being entered. Is that a problem?



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