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I need a good way to handle "Locking" records


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I use FM5.5 and I need some ideas on locking records. I want to be able to lock all records "if" a specific password is not entered within a set amount of days. Lets use 30 days for this example.

I'm not looking for a 30 or 45 day solution like you would use for a demo. I only want to do as I said above.

"If a specific password is not entered within a 30 day period, I want all records in the database to lock"! And the more protected this can be from hackers, snackers and Steeler backers the better.


Thanks for your help,



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I should be a little more specific.


I want all records to lock after "any given 30 day period" goes by when a specific password is not entered.





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Hi Harry


I have developed a system that is suitable for lower levels of distribution that requires the user to enter a specific password after any given date, in my case the date of installation.


As usual, on installation the clock starts ticking for the countdown but I also generate and store a code that is specific to that individual installation.


The user is advised that they are running in demo mode until they receive an authorisation code from me (needless to say this only goes out after I have received money from them). I leave them alone for a while after that.


Once they reach the 20 day countdown I warn them on every startup that they need to get authorisation from me.


Once money has changed hands the system gives them the code that is stored in their machine, they give this to me and using that I generate a code that will only unlock their installation - no-one elses.


If this is of any interest I will happily share it but i would rather do this off line as it is of course part of my security and I have to be selective as to who gets to see whats under the hood.


Email me on pcryan@pc-print.co.uk if you want any further info. I will be back in the office on Monday. I will not be able to let you have more details until then because to be honest I forgot the exact details of how I did it!



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I have just realised how old that post of Harry's is that I just answered!


In my defence it did come up when I did a 'recent posts' search but boy do I feel stupid now!!



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Hi, Harry. You use FM8.5 or FM5.5? It is not clear because in private information is 8.5, but in the post 5.5.

Second question: You want records be no_visible or visible, but no_editable?

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This thread is quite old. Please start a new thread rather than reviving this one.

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