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creating reports - newbie


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I'm a newbie but have managed to build a purchase order database. I would like to create a report that allows me to first select the month then show a report showing all the p.o.'s issued in that month. I have a date issued field in my p.o. file and the date is entered in the format day/month/year. Any help would be greatly appreciated. My thinking is that I need to build somekind of a script that asks what month you want to pull a report for and then somehow check all the records for that month?


Thanks so much




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I'm replying to myself here. How stange is that? I a posting from Filemakin' Tom shwoing how to concatenate the creation date into a "serial number", i.e. February 22, 2005, = 22005. But now how do I create a script and report using that info. Remember, I'm a newbie so take is slow...



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Create a calc field called Month:


Month (calculation, text result) = MonthName( PODate )


Now use this for your searches. To make it easier for the user, attach a value list with the names of all the months. As you get into multiple years, you will likely need a Year field too (so you don't get March 2005 mixed in with March 2006.) A similiar Year field can be used:


Year (calculation, number result) = Year( PODate )


You can also search ranges within a regular Date field, if you wish. In Find Mode, entering a range in this format would work:



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