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Finding Total of new records created base on date


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I was wondering if someone can help me out here. basically i want to find out how many new records were create on previos date. If today is 4/5/05, i want to find out the total of how many records were created yesterday using a calculation. the reason i want to use a calculation is because i want to display the result on a report.


Everytime new record gets created, it has date stamp on it. the field is call CreationDate.


any help would be appreciate. i am using FM 6.0 on a mac.



thank you,


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Hi Victor . . .


If the date is always the previous day, you can create a calc:


Case(CreationDate = (Status(CurrentDate) - 1),




Then automate a find for "1" in that field each day to find the previous day's records. It will always tag the previous day's records with the 1. Be sure to set the calc to be UNstored. As to the total for a report, simply sum that field and the 1's will be added for a total created the previous day. By using several such calcs, you can have the number of records created backward for as many days as you wish.


Be well . . .


Tom smile.gif

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