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Calculating a invoice subtotal.


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I am trying to calculate an invoice subtotal in the table INVOICE. The related table which contains all the line items is INVOICE_LINE. In invoice line you can specify what and how many of each product you want then it is suppose to calculate the subtotal. The INV_SUBTOTAL field is defined as a calculation product price * products purchased. In my current layout I have the invoice form then I have the invoice_line table in as a portal. When I add one row of data in invoice line it updates the subtotal and works fine, but when I add a second row it does not update the subtotal, it just remains the same total from the first row. I was wondering how to get the subtotal to update after I add new rows in the invoice line portal.

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I think aaa is off the mark here.


Your Invoice_Line table should be calculating the total for each line and then in the Invoice table, a sum() calculation is used to total the related Invoice_Line totals:


Invoice_Line fields:

Price (number)

Quantity (number)

Extended Price (calculation, number result) = Price * Quantity


Invoice fields:

Invoice Total (calculation, number result) = Sum ( Invoice_Line::Extended Price )


You may want to round the Extended Price to the nearest penny.

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Thanks. So basically what you are saying is that i need to add an extended price in the INVOICE_LINE table then use a sum function to get it to add up in my INVOICE table.

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