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Portal Row Calculation


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Hello all, I'm new here, so if I do something wrong let me know smile.gif


OK so I have a problem. I have 2 databases Jobs and Changes. I have a portal in Jobs to display all of the changes that have occurred in the Job's history. Now what I NEED is a way to automatically number these jobs in chronological order.


The best way I can think to do this is to use the portal in Jobs to sort the Changes chronologically and then number the changes based on what portal row they're in. Now I do know that I can create a field that uses Status(CurrentRecordNumber) to show me the number in each portal row, but my problem is that I need this number to fill in a field in the Changes database. The reason I think this is the best way to do this is because Jobs can be changed 'out of order' (I mean I could go back now and have to make a change to a job last September). Here's an example of what i need to do:



Title: teacher



Title: teacher, Date: 1/1/2005, Salary: $10

Title: teacher, Date: 2/2/2005, Salary: $50


I need a way to number the changes (1=1st record, 2=2nd). Also if I want to make the teacher salary $20 as of 1/15 I need that to be numbered 2 and the date of 2/2/2005 to be renumbered to 3.


Understand what I'm saying? hmm... this is kind of complicated to explain, so let me know if I need to explain it better.



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The only thing I don't understand is what's it good for. As you say, you can sort the Changes chronologically in the portal (or in the relationship) definition. You can display the order number in the portal by using the @@ symbol. All this will be dynamically updated when you add a record out of chronological order. Yet you say "I need this number to fill in a field in the Changes database". Why? What will you use this number for?

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If you very want to do, you can do it by script when you open Changes for each Job or close it.

But right is Comment:

"Why? What will you use this number for?"

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