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Portal Sort A-Z, then AA-Z, then AAA-ZZZ, etc...


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Hi all. I hope the subject line is pretty clear. Basically i have a portal sorted by a record "block ID" each block has its own ID starting with A going to Z, after Z it wraps around to AA, BB, CC. In my portal, i would like it to sort all of the A-Z first, then after the last single letter, go the double letters. There are cases where we may have a few blocks of 'random' letters. ex: T, I, O, BB

In this case i would like the portal to list I, O, T, BB.


Thanks in advance for your help!

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You can make a calc field for sorting:


Right ( "00000" & BlockID ; 5 )



1. Set result to Text.

2. Those are 5 zeroes in the calc, NOT upper "o" characters.

3. This is assuming that your ID's length does not exceed 5 characters; you can adjust the numbers to your situation.



Out of pure curiosity:

1. How do you generate BlockID?

2. Shouldn't the sequence be A...Z, AA...AZ, BA...BZ .... ZA...ZZ, AAA, AAB... ?

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Tell me about it!


The blocks are labeled by the main hospital. We are a research lab in the hospital. So I am stuck using their completely illogical system.



Question: after I make this field, how do I tell the portal to sort by it? …it’s not a value list?


Thank you so so much!

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Double-click the portal in Layout mode and click 'Sort portal records';


Define the relationship itself as sorted by this field.

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