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Is there a way to NOT show FileMaker


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My company is thinking about buying a copy of FileMaker Developer and we have a couple questions.


1. I know when you network FileMaker that you see the FileMaker name at both startup and shutdown. Is this also true with the Runtime version you make with Developer?

2. If FileMaker is shown, is there a way especially with the runtime version, to stop the FileMaker name from being shown?

3. If it is possible, does it require a plug-in or something like that?





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I understand that one can replace the Filemaker splash with their own logo in FMP 7 when creating a runtime version



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Even with the customizable closing splash in FileMaker 7 runtimes. the FileMaker Inc. logo still appears (it is smaller and shows along the bottom of the splash, but it's there).


Whilst there may be a variety of 'hacks' that would be technically possible that would remove FileMaker's name and logo, the prevailing view is that they would be in breach of FileMaker's end-user license. Consequently you're not likely to find too many third-party utilities that provide that functionality (presumably because Vendors don't want to become the focus of legal action from FMI).


It's an issue that has been much debated, but the reality at this point is that FMI has chosen to provide a heavily branded product - and like it or not, I guess that's their prerogative. wink.gif

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