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Go to Record ... how to specify 'by Calculation'


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This is a weird problem, seems simple enough, but surprisingly I can't find any reference to it in any books or online discussions.


I want to use Go To Record [by calculation]. I've created a global counter, type number, storage Global, which is set to (say) 2, using Set Field [Globals::Counter; 2]


When I specify this counter as the "by Calculation" calc (so my script step says Go To Record/Request/Page [Globals::counter]), the script doesn't want to recognize the statement as Go To Record [2]. I get that "Specify Number" dialog that you get when 'by calculation' is not specified.


Is there something special that has to be done with this calculation to make it work?



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Thanks. I see how it works now. Just wasn't intuitive, at least to me ... that you'd have to turn off a dialog box to get a calculation to evaluate.

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