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Delivery notes - FM 5.5/6

Paul Freedman

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Apologies for the open-ended vagueness of previous post on this topic.


Files are Customers, Jobs, Delivery Notes


Relationships between all these work fine & I now have a portal that shows all jobs with a status field that can be updated to create a batch of jobs ready for delivery.


What I am not sure of is how to transfer the information from the portal to actual Delivery Note records.


The following is my thoughts so far, I would be grateful for any comments on this procedure.


A script that:

Creates a found set identical to the records filtered by the portal

Sort the records by customer

Loops through this creating a new delivery note record at each change of customer

Set a global GDelNote

For each job record for current customer with relevant status set the DelNoteID field to be the value of GDelNote

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Having looked at this further I can see that each Delivery Note record should actually record relevant jobs as it is possible a job could be returned undelivered and hence have to appear on more than one delivery note.


I can see that this can be achieved with a Line Item file but unlike an invoicing system there are no volatile fields such as price to be handled. It would be great if someone could point me towards a technique that will deal with this in the Delivery Note file using a single field to hold a list of related job IDs.



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Hello Paul,


There is a straightforward technique for this. I have e-mailed you my tel no as it will be easier to discuss one to one




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