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can a user create functions?


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Can someone tell me if it's possible to create functions in filemaker 5.5? I'm writing scripts and it would be beneficial if I can create a function so that I can make a call from a script.


Your replies are appreciated!


Continuing to learn FileMaker ~ vinnedb

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Your post is not quite clear. Some questions:

1. what you mean by "create functions". There are lots of functions built into FM that you can use and combine in calculations and also in script steps.

If you mean create "custom functions", then no, not in version 5.5, this is possible with version Developer 7.


2. In the header of the post you wrote: can a user create functions. Do you wish that your users and not just you have the possibility tot create functions? This can be done if you allow them access to the define fields dialog. But I'd advise against it because that would mean that they have full access to the database source and can do much damage. In v7 there is the Evaluate( ) function that can help with this; in 5.5 and 6 I can only think of convoluted code where a user enters number fields and chooses operations from a value list. But even simple math operations would require a lot of code I guess.


3. what do you mean by "make a call from a script"?



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Hi Kjoe,


Thank you for your reply.


Sorry for being vague on my question but here are my answer to your questions:


1. Yes. I meant custom functions and in researching FM Developer it looks like it will have the answers to this and many other questions that I'll encounter.


2. Creating functions would only be allowed to the developer and not the users.


3. What I meant from making a call was to basically use a custom function to perform sub-routines and recycle the code but I guess I can also do this with scripts and use it in a similar fashion.


Thanks again for your reply!



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Hi vinnedb,

Based on your clarifications, I'm afraid the answer is no.


Custom functions were introduced as a new feature with the release of FileMaker Developer v7. There is no equivalent functionality in FileMaker 5.5. :/

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