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Portals, Aggregate counts & Relationship keys


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Roight, I'm buggered, here. Worst part is, I believe it's self-inflicted.


I've two files (fm6), "Subject" and "Family" (the subject's family members. Not all records w/in Subject have family (most don't). My key linking the two files is a kludge of lastname/firstname/Subject'sLocalID (a serial#).


The problem is I'm trying to display on a 'dashboard'-type layout aggregate counts from the subject AND family files. So I create a portal and insert the field (say, # of affected family members) and... it's empty. No data appears. On a whim, I scrolled through subject file 'til I reached a subject WITH family and -- VOILA! -- the correct # of affected family appeared.


My question is: Would a better key correct this problem? Or must I further increase the kludge by scripting something that forces the user to a subject with family.. or should I create an empty Subject with family link and force the dashboard to that screen (which'll throw off my count(s) unless I script around that...)


lord (or Ray, or Queueueue or..), please he'p me!

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The problem is I'm trying to display on a 'dashboard'-type layout aggregate counts from the subject AND family files.


[/ QUOTE ]


I'm having some trouble understanding. These aggregate counts count cross all records or only cross related? If the latter, then if the portal is empty, then the field count(join::field) would be empty too. Or am I missing something?


I think I need to see some field definitions before being able to answer (if at all...)



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Right.. Thanks for taking a stab, kjoe, I was gettin' paranoid about the silence.


The calculation is pretty simple: if I want to know how many subjects are 'pending', then it's




Then I have a matching summary field that merely counts all the 1s in the previous field. Then I display the SUM field. Voy-ola, works great.


The problem is when I try doing this from the master file ("Subjects") to the subordinate ("Family") file.


These files are linked via the subject's "local_ID" (used to use a concatenated name+ID field but stopped that due to UserErrors). The relationship works fine.


The problem is, when from the SUBJECTS file I attempt to view a SUM of a FAMILY count (say, a count of all FAMILY members "pending"), the pertinent field is empty unless I am on a subject with family records.


So, if Joe Smith has no family and I am on his record, the dashboard displays _____. Not zero, nothing.


If I am on Sam Spade and he has 1 or more family members, the dashboard displays 29 or whatever the correct count may be.

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