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Passing script Parameter(s)


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Howdy all,


This is FileSquire. Back from a non FileMaker period in my life to return to the insanity that we crave. I had a project that didn't materialize and went into a home remodeling funk/crisis. . . but I digress.


Challenge at hand

I want to size a list view to the actual size of the list. I have a size button on the list view layout that that works as hoped. This is in a little ToDo file I'm playing with.


If[Get ( ScriptParameter ) = "list"

_Set Field [ToDo::From Left; Get ( WindowLeft )]

_Set Field [ToDo::From Top; Get ( WindowTopt )]

_Adjust Window [Resize to Fit]

_Move/Resize Window [Current Window; Height: (Get ( FoundCount ) * 20) + 116 // using the coordinates set earlier for positioning

End If

/* 20 px being the height of the record row 116 px the rest of the window dressing */


I've just spazzed on how to pass the script parpameter when I call the for the list view from another layout? Example: from the detail screen a button labled "to list view"?


I know, just help the geezer into his wheelchair and shove him over the crest of the hill.



Thanks in advance,



I was also interested in passing multiple parameters which I never really grasped 'how to' but realize the utility it could be. Maybe in another post.

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Since this thread is here, can someone explain what is meant by script paramater and why I would want to pass a script paramater.



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A script parameter is a piece of data that can be used within a script and is passed to the script at the time the script is run.


For example, you can have a single script that handles several different buttons depending on which one called the script. The script parameter can be used to tell the script which button called it.


You could also use a parameter to send dynamic data, such as the contents of a specific set of fields at the time the script is run, without having to define a calculation field to concatenate those field data or use several script steps to gather those data into a global field.

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