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Auto Start FMPro 7 on WinXP SP2 reboot?


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Newbie Alert!!


Is there a way to have FMPro 7 start automatically when Windows XP SP2 starts / reboots?


I know how to have FMPro start when a user logs in, but how about just when the workstation reboots (after a Windows Auto-Update, or when AC power is restored)?


IS FMPro v 7 Server needed for this function?


Thanks in advance.


Jim *****

I/T Guy at Trident Engineering Associates


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It sounds like you want to run FMP as a service. To my knowledge, you cannot install FMP to run as a service. FM Server does run as a service, but costs $499 for the upgrade version or $999 for the full version. If you Google "run application as service", you will find several shareware apps that will do this. I can't recommend any, you will have to perform your own testing.

Good Luck.

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sure you can, just put a short cut to your desired filmaker database or the program itself in your startup folder. when windows boots up it will kick off FM from the startup. If you have several useres logging on one workstation you will want to go into the allusers folder located in the Documents and Settings folder. Once in allusers folder go to Stat Meanu, then programs, then Startup and put either your shortcut the FM Program or the actual database in that folder. Good Luck! Ron

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