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Including " " in result of calculation


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Hello to all,


This should be simple to figure out, but I could not find it on Filemaker help. Is it possible to include " " to show in the result of a calculation?

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Yer gonna need to be a bit more precise in your request. Do you want to have a space in the result or do you wish to show two quotation marks? Either is possible.

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As Quote marks are part of the text calc function, they cannot be used in the result. However, one can use "two single quote marks" to emulate the double quote marks as in:


Case(FieldX = "Y",






which would return "Y" if the field equaled Y or a null (Blank) if it equaled anything else.


Be well . . .


Tom smile.gif

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Case ( FieldX = "Y" ; "Y" ; """""" )


Case ( FieldX = "Y" ; "Y" ; "\"\"" )


BTW, it is not necessary to specify a null default result.

Case ( FieldX = "Y" ; "Y" )

is the same as:

Case ( FieldX = "Y" ; "Y" ; "" )

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