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Multi field info combine to 1 and make it unique


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I am not sure whether this is Filemaker 7 limitation or bugs. I have 4 fields. Field 1, 2 and 3 is for data entry. Field 4 is the result and should contain the data that I key in at Field 1, 2 and 3. Usually we will be using calculation in Field 4


Field 1 & " " & Field 2 & " " & Field 3


So it will combine that 3 field into the result as 1 phrase. But the problem is I want it to be unique for this word. The only way we can set unique value is by setting it is by defining the field unique and insert the above line as a calculated value. But the problem is, it only show the Field 1 data only and not showing Field 2 and 3 data in the result field. confused.gif


Please clarify if I am wrong in this. Thanks. grin.gif

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See the attached demo.


[/ QUOTE ]


Thanks a lot. grin.gif


By the way, what do the option "DO NOT REPLACE EXISTING VALUE FOR FIELD (IF ANY)" does ? It is checked by default when we select calculated value in the text field. I just ignore it since it is defaultly checked. And this makes lots of difference. blush.gif

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It does what it says:


When checked, the value is calculated when the record is created*, and does not update afterwards.


When unchecked, the field updates when one of the fields referenced in the calc is modified.




(*) Unless "Do not evaluate if all referenced fields are empty" is selected, and ALL the referenced fields are empty. In this case, the value is calculated when one of the referenced fields receives a value.

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I have this same thing going but I have used a Calc field instead of a text field with auto enter calc. It has worked really well except for one thing. I have a portal that brings in product lines that I have also included in this, but it is only looking at the first line in the portal and not the rest of them. Is there any way of correcting this?


PS using FM7.0v2

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