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Look up previous record


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One of the main weaknesses I find in fm6 is that its not easy to pull data from previous records to the current. If for example I want to show data such as a value for payments into new month to run a calculation then I have to run a new record script and copy and paste from old into new record (diff fields). This gets complicated when you sort and group data as well and want to put new data in a group. In simple programming language I am looking for the value of record (n) and record (n-1).

The option on a field to look up last record works but it really needs to have the ability to take from a different field in the previous record

Example below.Current month is manual.PAyment is calc. How to I get 'prev mon'


AAA - current month (cumulative)

BBB - Previous month (cumulative)

CCC - Difference= payment= calculation


________AAA BBB CCC

Payment 1 25k 00k 25k

Payment 2 50k 25k 25k

Payment 3 60k 50k 10k



Is there anything in fm7 to solve this.

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Create fields curMonth and prevMonth [calc = curMonth-1].

A self-join relationship curMonth=prevMonth will give you access to the fields in the record from the previous month.


AAA = sum(amount)

BBB = sum(sj::amount)

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Many thanks for that.Certainly opens this area up more.In the meantime i enclose the solution i used for fm6 to move me forward.

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