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Nested IF functions


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I've been looking everywhere to find the correct way to develop the following string into a nested IF function within my database, the problem I have is that I can't seem to work out how FMP7 positions brackets/functions in nested formulas as a calculated auto-entry within the field options. I don't want to use this as a script but more as a validation rule.


If the Marker's Name = "Sally" then 2115


if the Marker's Name = "John" the 4568


if Marker's Name = "Fred" then 4446


remain blank


I need to add about 7 people, and make the Marker ID field show the ID number automatically when referring to it's corresponding name in the Marker Name field.


If you know a better way to do this, please enlighten me.


Thanks for assisting with my past enquiry smile.gif



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You can add tests to the case statement to suit your needs.

Two remarks though:

1. I get the feeling however that you're turning things around here. Is this field involved in some kind of selection procedure?

2. if the names change often then hardcoding them may not be the most efficiënt way to go. Are these people selected from a larger database?



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Thanks for response,


1. No, the field is used to indicate who of 7 people assessed a particular exam question. It's a recording function only and probably won't even be 'searched'.


2. These 7 people remain constant year after year, if they do change hopefully it will be a routine database administration activity to adapt the formula.


May I ask, what do you mean by 'turning things around'? Is there another way to have one field auto-enter based on the entry in the other?


I'll attach a clone, please keep in mind I've only been using FMP for a short time and I've been finding my way without any training smile.gif



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