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Records within records


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Probably in the wrong forum, but I'll blunder on nevertheless.


Is is possible (and if so how?) to create multiple records within a record?


For example, a car owners club would have one record for each member, but each member might have any number of cars, and it neends to deal with the different cars seperatly.


This isn't my actual problem, but a slightly different one, so don't be completely specific to the example.


Any input would be appreciated. Thanks

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Yes, this is possible. You're in the right forum as well wink.gif

You can create a relational database to deal with this kind of thing.


So a record with member information (such as name, phone, address etc) would point to another file or table that holds information about the cars of that member. This information can be read into the member record using a portal.


If you tell me what version you use I'll make you a small demo sample.


Meanwhile it is advisable to do two things:

- take apart demo files that came with the program to see what makes them tick

- do make questions to the forum as specific as possible and to the point of your actual problem, it usually gets quicker results.




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I'm using FM7


My exact problem is this:


I'm designing a dummy database for an airline. Each customer will have one record. This record will contain multiple flights. These flights are to be displayed in a list (probably using a portal), and will be selectable. Once selected another portal will appear (or just fill with information) concerning passenger information with the possibility of any number of passengers.


This is my problem. If you can help I would be highly appreciative

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Hi Pheobius


The answer to your query lies with records RELATED to records not records within records.


Relationships are quite simple concepts to grasp - once you have grasped them. For that reason they are not quite so straightforward to explain within the confines of the forum.


Please do not think I am not being helpful by not giving you a direct answer but like Kjoe said you need to have a dig around in your handbook and the help files and any demo files that came with FMP and get your head around relationships. Believe me the it will be worth the effort.


Regards Phil


ps I just noticed that you are in the uk. If you want to give me a call I can talk you through setting up a relationship. It should only take about 10 mins or so.

Our number is on www.pc-print.co.uk

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