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Filling fields


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No. Just the text color.


What you can do is place a container field behind the text field, and populate invisible repetitions of the container field with blocks of the colors you want to choose between, and then by script rotate the desired color into the visible repetition...

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Biker is right. To elaborate, create a global container with as many repeats as you wish colors and fill each repetition with a field sized color of your choice. Then create a container calculation field which calls the desired repetition based on the appropriate condition.


Case(Condition = 1,



Condition = 2



etc., etc.


Then place this field under the data field and leave the data field unfilled. The color of the calc field will then show through and emulate a changing color in the field.


Just thought I would explain in detail for you.


Be well . . .



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While you're at it, aaa, you might wish to consider dropping by the feature requires page at the FMI site and suggesting that this capability be included (as an explicit feature rather than a work-around) in a future revision of FileMaker. wink.gif

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