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Calculation Fields and Storage Options


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I am working on an interface solution and have a question about calculated fields. My database has calculated fields for displaying tab graphics and the related labels. These calculated fields do not seem to update automatically. In fact, their behavior is not predictable; thus they are broken. The situation has me scratching my head as I have elementary knowledge about these intricate calculation fields. Upon reviewing another interface example, the calculated fields have both check boxes under “Storage Options.” Select a calculation field, then [Options]; then [storage Options].


Has A Checkmark Use global storage (one value for all records)

Has A Checkmark Do not store calculation results – recalculate when needed


The calculation script is correct since I copied it from the example file. The only difference between my calculated fields and the example is the “Storage Options.” Mine has “Use Global Storage” checked while the example has both. Apparently, Filemaker does not allow me to select both options; it deselect one when you select the second option. Does this behavior sound normal? How does one select Global storage and recalculate at the same time? I tried re-selecting both on the example file and Filemaker did allow me to re-select both options again. How does the calculated fields act in Find Mode? Do my graphics disappear?


Let me know if you have any additional insight on my situation.

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HI since we are on calculating fields.. I have another newbie question...


I have aprice file in a fixed format:


as one text string...



HOW do I import into the database? (I went the excel route) I'd rather import it directly into foxpro


And the other question is once I get the price as a text string of say "001899" how do I turn it into 18.99 number?


Do I divide the number by 100 is that a calcuated field area?



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