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Privilege Sets - restricted record access FMP / SA


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(1) How can I restrict records to be accessed by specified individual users only without creating privilege sets for each individual user? So far, I used one privilege set for each general group of users, while restricting access to records by comparing the record's "user name" field to the Get(UserName) global.


(2) My underlying problem in developing a web enabled DB is that I create the DB as well as the interface entirely in FMP 7, while the final server destination is, of course, going to be run by FMP 7 SA. Because of the limitations of Instant Web Publishing in FMP 7, I am not sure about my privilege sets in the simultaneous user log on environment. IWP requires the DB do be open in FM, in order to be accessed from the web. This automatically implies that the records of whoever logged into FM to keep the DB open while using IWP are accessible to any IWP user, instead of that user's records. Does FMP 7 SA offer a solution for this?


Also, on a different note:

(3) Is there a way to completely keep the status area from appearing in IWP, without having to close it manually? This is part of my problem for web enabling a FileMaker DB with FMP 7, which forced me to create the web interface in FMP 7, instead of a web publishing program.


(4) Are there any recommendations for a reliable FMP 7 web host in California that would suite the small to medium size FMP 7 web enabled DB I am trying to put together?


Regards and thanks in advance.

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Use accountName instead of userName. AccountName references the identity used to log into the database, while userName is associated with the machine a user happens to be connecting from. Essentially, you have set privileges per machine, not per individual person.

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Thanks for your input. However, I encountered the same problem when logging into the DB through a browser & IWP as a user that differs from the user who has the DB open on FM. The IWP user will be logged in, but his/her account name and, consequently, his/her access privileges are that of the FM user.


On a side note, Get (AccountName) and Get (UserName) seem to return the same value for me in any scenario.


Any other suggestions?

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I am using FileMaker Pro 7 to create, manage, and publish a database of records that are ultimately intended for a website being hosted (purchased service) under FileMaker Server 7 Advanced. This website is ought to provide a secure user login, after which each user is supposed to view his/her records only.



Since I am creating this database on FileMaker Pro 7, I have to intend it so far for Instant Web Publishing, which will be unnecessary, once it is hosted under FileMaker Server 7 Advanced. This means that I cannot yet alter any browser appearance (e.g.browser tags) other than through FileMaker's own layouts. This also means, that to test my DB online access through Instant Web Publishing so far, I am required to leave FileMaker Pro 7 open while accessing localhost:591 through my browser. Leaving FileMaker Pro 7 open has the unfortunate effect of setting the AccountName and UserName globals to the name of the user who is signed in through FileMaker Pro 7 directly. This means that though a different user logs onto the DB through the web, using IWP, this user will still only be recognized as whoever keeps the DB open through FileMaker Pro 7 directly.


I hope that whoever understands my problem, or has/had a similar problem responds to my posting, because it has been a quite frustrating experience to get this to work, which might prompt me in the end to completely abandon the seemingly much more elegant and user friendly FileMaker for a mysql/php solution.


Thanks in advance.

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Problem solved -> set field responsible for storing Get ( AccountName ) to never store, but recalculate. silly mistake to overlook.

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