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Very NEW to Filemaker


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I am VERY new and haven't really looked at Filemaker. I am doing the "free online training" now, but have a couple questions. Is it difficult to export people that don't have email addresses and export information into Excel. My mother got stuck using this with no training, and I am trying to help out.



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It's quite easy. If you are on v7 basically all you do get yourself onto a layout (window) that contains your data. Then perform a FIND. This will select the records to be exported. Then choose File -> Export Records. From there it's fairly obvious what needs done.


You will probably find FileMaker to be intuitive from a database development point-of-view if you have not developed databases using any other software such as MS Access or Oracle. If you do have experience with other DBs then you will be confused by FileMaker -- at least for a while.

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