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Mysterious portal problems with CDML


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I have a relational system set up with four FileMaker 6 files:

faculty.fp5; publications.fp5; research.fp5; courses.fp5


faculty.fp5 is the primary file and has relationships to the other three. In faculty.fp5, I have three portals all working just fine.


In my web solution (see link below), I can see info from two portals, but the third isn't displaying. Also not displaying is a calulated field in faculty.fp5 that checks to see if the portal is empty, and if not generates a course header.




Click faculty profiles, then Kevin Mahoney to see a good sample page with the missing courses.


During testing, everything worked fine on test server. The problem began when the files were transfered to a Windows server running FileMaker 6.0 Unlimited. All the databases are open on the server. The portals still work in the file when accessing over the network, but they won't work on the CDML/HTML pages.


The only clues are that the course.fp5 file is in another directory on the server. Also, courses was orginally multi-user hidden, but changing this to multi-user didn't help; I was hoping perhaps faculty.fp5 wasn't seeing the file for some reason.


Code for this portal is identical to the publications and research code.


I'm testing my new FMP 7 server, but we are months away from our transition and I really want this to work. Any ideas? I'm desperate! confused.gif

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