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Not all related records show?


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Here's an interesting problem. In FMP 6. I've created a contact database...no big deal there. On one layout, I've got a portal to a "Received Mail" database. The Received Mail database uses POP3it to get email, and one of the fields is a calculation that extracts the email address from the "From" field. What I mean is, the mail comes in with the sender's full name, followed by the email address in brackets. My calculation extracts the actual email address (like "jblow@company.com") from that. I use that as the match field to the "Email" field in the contacts database, and use a portal to display only messages that have come in from that contact. Here's the issue. It only works on some addresses, not on all, and there's no relationship or apparent logic to what causes it to work or not work on any particular address.


For example, if I put "jblow@company.com" as the email address, and change all received mail so it appears to have come from that address, it will show up in the portal. Now, I change it to, say, "bigshot@company.com" in both places (email address and from), and it doesn't show anything in the portal. Any ideas why that would happen?


Thanks! confused.gif

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it looks like the text strings don't match.

use trim(email_field) on both ends to chop off spaces trailing and before.


otherwise, you should take care about using email adresses as match field because the relationship in v6 is based on an index of the first 20 characters. So



would not be distinguished from



remote chance, but still.




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Thanks, kjoe - that seemed to do it! As for using the email address as a match field, that's kind of the only choice I have - nothing else comes in a received message that I can more or less guarantee will be the same as something in the contact record. Thanks, though, for the tip about 20 characters - I didn't know that.

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