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How to Center a window


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I’m working in 7 and have a multiple file setup. I would like to have the files open in the middle of the screen, regardless of the monitor screen size, but can’t figure out how to do it. I know I had a demo showing how, but I can’t seem to find it. Anyway, If you wouldn’t mind helping I would appreciate it very much.



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In FM 5.5-6, under preferences, I check the User "defined" box for dialogue placement. Then my files open in the position where I place them. Do not know if this is true in 7.0.



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Set up a script... Lets call it Display


1. Scroll down to the “Windows” category of scripts and double click on “Move/Resize Window” and open it in the window.


2. Click “Window Name” and enter the name of your window and you must have “ on both sides of the name. Then enter the following...


Height: Get ( WindowContentHeight ) + 37

Width: Get ( WindowContentWidth ) + 15

Distance from top: (Get ( ScreenHeight ) - Get ( WindowContentHeight )) / 3

Distance from left: (Get ( ScreenWidth ) - Get ( WindowContentWidth )) / 2


Click OK and you are good to go!


FileMakin'Tom talkin that 5.5-6 stuff.

A limerick... FileMakin'Tom is a fine fine man, who needs a 7 conversion as soon as he can! And to think I get paid for this... What do you mean I don't!



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