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Prevent modifications to a record


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I am new to FM (5.5). We have a FM database that tracks trainer workshop activity and a request has been made to prevent a record from being modified after the workshop has been completed. How can this be done?


Thank you for your help!



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This is a possible way to go, using calculations based validations of the fields.

You need a field to flag the completed status of the workshop: WorkshopStatus.

Make a validation on this field:

not IsEmpty (WorkshopStatus) – Strict – a custom message “Workshop completed”.


Put a Validated by calculation formula in all the other data entry fields on accessible layouts:

Is Empty(WorkshopStatus) – strict – with custom message, something along this line: "Workshop completed, The data can not be edited".


This will lock all the datafields after a value is entered in WorkshopStatus.


If you need access again, you could make a script, password protected, and a Set Field command to clear the WorkShopStatus field.



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Hi Vince


depending on how you are navigating around your records you could also use Jan's workshop status field to take you to a layout on which all fields where not allowed entry



If is empty 'workshop status'

go to layout 'editable


go to layout 'not editable'



Of course this solution can only be applied if one is navigating by buttons and it is only practical if one has a limited number of layouts to duplicate.

I must warn you that it is is by no means as correct as Jan's solution which is a proper way of achieving what you asked. I offer it only because, for a beginner, it might be simpler to apply.



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