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?? Buttons and icons


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Simply do a search for buttons and icons on the net and you will get hundreds of sites with free stuff and stuff for sale. However, as an experienced developer, I caution you that "purdy" often equates to confusing and user-unfriendly. So be cautious about use of icons in lieu of titles and fancy buttons which can clutter a once very understandable layout.


Remember that user-friendliness is achieved by simplicity, easily understood button functions and layouts that can be understood by a novice user.


Be well . . .



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Thanks - I am kinda looking for something more specific for database usage - a google search will point you to millions of webpage buttons - and as you said - they are way too confusing - plus the millions of pop-ups you have to deal with when going to the 'free sites' are just plain giving me a headache - I had a great resource once, but I lost the link - so if anyone knows of anything, let me know



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I usually use simple buttons and text, but with the increase of web compatible solutions, the interface now really participate of the client's image.


My last solution was built using LookAndFeel icons and buttons from Iconexperience at http://www.iconexperience.com


Admittingly, at first, the solution, IMO, looked very "kid" oriented. But then it is the web trend if you look around, and I'm starting a new project based on these icon sets.


I was just tired of so much colours on layouts, so converted each graphics in Black and White versions, then used the coloured one only for active...


My 2 cents (which BTW wouldn't help because each set has to be purchased... wink.gif )

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I always make my own buttons, either using FileMaker graphics, or using Photoshop.


[/ QUOTE ]


At the risk of showing stupidity......What is FileMaker Graphics?

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If I had said I use "toolbox graphics", it might have been more confusing. You'd be asking to see what's in my toolbox. And then I'd have to say "Get you're own tools!" And you'd be all, "Oh no you DIDN'T." And I'd be all, "Talk to the toolbox, Man!"


Well, it's a good thing we didn't go there.

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