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?? Create a folder from within Filemaker


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If you're on a mac:


create a text field NameOfFolder

validate this field: it should be unique and contain only alphanumeric and _



copy[select, "NameOfFolder"]

perform applescript["blahblahblah"]


add the following applescript lines in the dialog box of the "perform applescript" script step:



tell application "Finder"

set my_folder_name to the clipboard

set the date_stamp to ((the current date) as string)

make new folder at "YourHardDisk:users:YourName:documents"

set the item_list to list folder "YourHardDisk:users:YourName:documents" without invisibles

repeat with i from 1 to number of items in the item_list

set this_item to item i of the item_list

set this_item to "YourHardDisk:users: YourName:documents:" & this_item as alias

if creation date of this_item as string is date_stamp then

set the name of my this_item to my_folder_name

end if

end repeat

end tell


this script was tested in OSX. there could be differences when in OS9. I could not figure out how to set the name of the folder in one go so I had to create the test-for-datestamp loop.




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Try this using Send Event:


cmd /c md "C:\Documents and Settings\UserName\My Documents\NewFolder"


Of course you can make this a calculation by using some parameter from your DB.

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