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find/show all records problem


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When I do a manual find on my table it will go to the record I am looking for - when I then click show all records, it will stay on the record that I searched for. If I put the same steps into a script, the second I execute the show all records command, it will jump to some random record in the database. Any ideas, or ways to script a 'goto' function?



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I'm not sure I follow. If I do exactly what you describe I end up in the right record.


here's a sample with three scripts.


first script performs the find and then does a show all, no problem.

second script reproduces your problem but only because I introduced a sort script step after the show all records (it always ends up in the first record, not a random record).

third script shows how to perform a find, sort and then jump to the found record using a flag field.






ps when on a mac: drag the file onto fm icon in dock to open....



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Your script mimics mine to the T, except for saving the searched record for reference - however, yours works, mine does not - i copied yours into my database, modified the fields - and it works, too - and ever since the C:> has been replaced by the mouse, I stopped looking for the cause of the problem - it works.... issue solved.... thank you

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