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A good example of a pop-up calendar

Clive Green 1470

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You can download a FM v5.5 demonstration of a pop-up date picker calendar by downloading this (64Kb) StuffIt Archive:






A note about bout week numbers:


While using my date picker, you will sometimes see a week number of 53 displayed at (or near) the end (or beginning) of a calendar year.


In the example I've provided, week numbers have been reckoned according to the business calendar week (which starts on

a Monday). By convention, a week is deemed to belong to a year if at least 4 days of that week fall inside that year.


By this reckoning, if January 1st falls on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday, then this date is part of week 53 of the PREVIOUS year.


Similarly, if December 31st falls on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday, then this date is held to be inside week 1 of the FOLLOWING year.


Incredible but true, I kid you not.


Clive Green mail@clivegreen.com


"Well, because I can, is all."

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