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Generating a future date?


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Forgive me if this is an easy question to answer, but how would I generate a future date from a date already exsiting within the database?


For example, I have a date field called 'order date', i want to generate a date 7 months on from that original 'order date'. I'm guessing I'll need to create a calculation feild, but I'm unsure of what the calculation would look like.


Essentially if the order date is 01/01/2005 the generated date 7 months on would be 01/08/2005


Any ideas?

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I've created a calculation feild using the following calculation:


Date(Month(Order Date)+7;1;Year(Order Date))


But when i look at the dates created they don't quite match up. For example, an order date of 24/11/2004 creates a generated future date of 01/06/2005, rather than 24/06/2005.


IS there a way to get the correct date?

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Now all i need to do if figure out how that actually works


[/ QUOTE ]


aaa combined four functions:

Date(mm;dd;yyyy) to generate a date from separate number values.




to extract month, day and year from a given date (in a field).




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Similar question with a twist:


I need to create a tickler -- DateMailed+30days. The problem is, I have two possible dates to check: DateMailed or DateRemailed. I'm having a heckuva time making my calculation check both and react to the latest; that is, who cares what DateMailed was if "Not IsEmpty(DateRemailed)".


Suggestions? Many thanks.



oh,yeah, FM6 here, but I'll need this in the v7 edition I'm creating, as well...

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umm... wouldn't that case mean I'd have to have BOTH fields contain something in order for it to be true? I can see why OR would fail, but AND/& seems just as problematic.

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DateMailed & DateRemailed merely concatenates the two fields. If both are empty, then the concatenation is empty. If either is not empty, then neither is the concatenation.


not IsEmpty(DateMailed & DateRemailed) is merely shorthand for


not IsEmpty(DateMailed) or not IsEmpty(DateRemailed)




not (IsEmpty(DateMailed) and IsEmpty(DateRemailed))

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