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I have a db called products. I have exported all my data into this db (eg. pants, shirt, dress, prices etc...) into a field called "Item." On a seperate db called invoice I have the field "Item" in a portal.


Now what i want to do is to be able to type into the field "Item" on db "invoice" without typing the whole thing in. For example i have a list of items, comforter king, comforter queen, comforter downfill, and on every seperate invoice i dont want to type in the whole thing. I want to be able to type "comf" in the field "Items" and in a value list get all the different items that start with "comf." all i would have to do is click the item i want that shows in the value list. I don't want to find everytime, i need it like internet explorer were i start typing my name into a field and i dont even finish typing and my name pops up.


I would like to know if this is possible, if so, how?


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In Product DB


New field called


cItems = calc = text =


Left(Item,1) & "¶" &





Left(Item,1) & "¶" &

Left(Item,2) & "¶" &

Left(Item,3) & "¶" &

Left(Item,4) & "¶" &

Left(Item,5) & "¶" &

Left(Item,6) & "¶" &

Left(Item,7) & "¶" &

Left(Item,8) & "¶" &

Left(Item,9) & "¶" &

Left(Item,10) & "¶" &

Left(Item,11) & "¶" &

Left(Item,12) & "¶" &

Left(Item,13) & "¶" &

Left(Item,14) & "¶" &

Left(Item,15) & "¶" &

Left(Item,16) & "¶" &

Left(Item,17) & "¶" &

Left(Item,18) & "¶" &

Left(Item,19) & "¶" &

Left(Item,20) & "¶" &

MiddleWords(Item,1,1) & "¶" &

MiddleWords(Item,2,1) & "¶" &



This shows in Field




ABCD ...... to first 20 letters


Then the complete First Second Or Third Word


Change the relationship from Item ::Item to


Item :: cItems


Now when you type


Comf in Item you get everything that starts with Comf in Portal

If you type Comfort you get everything that contains Comfort in either First , Second Or Third Word no matter where it is in phrase.

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I think maybe I'm not getting something because this sounds just like the 'type ahead' feature in a popup list (Not a popup menu).

If that's what you want, what you do is define a value list that either has predetermined values, or all the different values in that field. Then in layout mode, you set that field to display that value list as a popup list (again, not menu). Then, when you tab into that field, and start typing "comf" it'll go to the closest alphabetical match in the list...


If you were looking for something more complex, I did not mean to insult.


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If you were looking for something more complex, I did not mean to insult.



[/ QUOTE ]


The type ahead feature also works with related fields to other tables

that is why you pre-define the field as I explained.


It takes more than to insult me smile.gif

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