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Printing a script


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I can print some of the scripts of the application I am developing, when trying to print others I get the followint messages:

- Sending data

- Processing job

- Out of memory

- No job printing

and the printer driver (HP Laserjet 4000 series) quits.


1. What causes the problem?

2. Remedy ?


Thanks for help!

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Thank you for your prompt reply.


Sorry, I was imprecise.

I am working with MacOS X (10.3.8), FileMaker 7.0 v3.

Restarting FileMaker or the System doesn't help.

MacOS X allows to make a PDF file instead of printing (Print -> Save As PDF). When I open the PDF file with Adobe Reader, I can print from Adobe Reader.

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If you can print to PDF, but not to the printer, then the first suspect should be the printer driver. Make sure you are using the latest, 10.3 compatible driver.

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I don't think it's the printer driver. I print without problem from any other application, and I print without problem FileMaker Field lists and most (but alas not all) scripts.


The problem seems to occur (but I'm not sure) with scripts I changed a lot.

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Hard problems to solve....


- Perhaps you should try making a clone or a backup and performing a restore.

- Try a generic printer driver just to make sure, or another printer if you have one.

- zap the pram or the nvram

- otherwise??




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Dat beduidt het wissen van een deel van het RAM geheugen.... laugh.gif

It means resetting part of the random access memory. Resetting these memory bits sometimes resolves odd computer behaviour but is by no means a surefire cure.


Following your post, I scored some hits on this procedure on apple's support site (the last time I looked, I did not locate them. So that site is improving or I am better at searching..... )

Reading these documents I am thinking the chance that it will resolve your issue is remote. You should also consider the other options (damaged file, damaged printer driver, reinstall of FMpro after the update, or something completely different).


see these apple pages:







As far as I know, PRAM is part of the NVRAM so resetting the latter will also reset the PRAM.


If you do want to try, then here's what you do:


You can reset the PRAM = ParameterRAM by restarting while holding four keys pressed: apple-option-p-r and wait for three startup sounds.

you can reset the NVRAM = NonVolatile RAM by restarting and holding apple-option-o-f and wait until the open firmware screen appears (looks like a DOS screen!). then type in three commands at the prompt:

reset-nvram (press enter)

set-defaults (press enter)

reset-all (press enter)


the computer will now restart automatically. if it doesn't, type mac-boot (and press enter)

While these procedures are quite safe, and in all the dozens of times that I used them I never experienced any problems, I do advise to make a backup of essential files before proceeding. (this is a disclaimer.. laugh.gif)




good luck,





ps: laserjet 4000 is some years old isn't it? I experienced problems when moving from OS 9 to OSX with a Phaser 860 that had no drivers for OSX available mad.gif . But only with one piece of software (freehand). So I'd take a hard look at the printer.

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Thank you, kjoe.


We purchased the Laserjet 4000 in January 1999, and it is still working to our full satisfaction. No problems when moving to OSX, it contains the adequate drivers.


I will follow your advice (zap the pram or the nvram) after the next routine backup of my disk. But I'm still convinced that it is a bug in FileMaker, as the problem only occurs with some of the scripts, and all other applications I use print without problem. Perhaps re-installing FileMaker would help.


Regards from Zurich. Paco.

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