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Another Question :

For example : I've created a runtime solution with FMD and I want to use it over a network. So I taught to place the solution on a computer with FM Server, so all my colleagues can use the same "database".


Now question is : do my colleagues also need a version of FMPro on their computer or don't they ?

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Guest barry

If you did the database with developer in runtime, you will need to have each of your users have a copy the runtime on their computer. Now here lies the problem, how are you going to get the data to update on each users copy... answer you are not! Filemaker Inc. stopped networkable runtime solutions in Developer 4. They want your MONEY! Now if you did the solution in Dev 3, it is networkable and all can use it and changes would update in all copies!


To sum this up, you cannot use a runtime solution on a server! IT's all about the MONEY!

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Yes. You got it. You can no longer network a runtime solution, even if you have FMP server etc...

Unfortunately FMP no longer supports this even allow this though there are DEVELOPER features in Runtime solutions that are an absolute must if you are a solutions developer, such as renaming the scriptmaker menue item etc...


But that's ok because, FileMaker gets their money. Unfortunately they dont realize that developers and their customers don't mind paying the darn money, they just NEED those features back!


My 2 cents

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