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newbie to filemaker you heard this one I'm sure


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I bought this program in the hopes to make and or learn database driven web pages

well I was fooled the site says you can make this for your web

but it is missing the webcompanion plugin and from what I have now read it does not come with this version am I wrong or what?

the docs say to enable web companion setup the plugin I can't find it anywhere.

what am I going to do now? any help would have great thanks

and a beer on me

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It sounds like you might be working with version 6?


Version 7 is the latest, and it supports web out of the box. If you don't need to support large numbers of users simultaneously, it will work, but be sure you get all the updates!


While FM is the friendliest database in town, the company has a frustrating pattern of making features without extra cost come and go.

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FM7 out of the box had gravely insufficient documentation, and it required you to cull both the CD-ROM and the FM web site to pick up additional documents. Even after you collect the PDF documents, it's seriously lacking in continuity which was surprising coming out of a company once known for their documentation. I was working with both Windows and Mac, and although I could get a web page up on my screen, I had to do a lot of experimenting to get the server itself working.


So, do this:

- locate and study the relevant PDF files on the CD

- locate and study the relevant PDF files on the FM web site

- to test, follow the instructions regarding local host

- to bring up the mini-web server requires you to install FM7 on the server itself and activte the appropriate settings


It's possible, but it's just poorly documented. It's not hard once you learn it, but it's hard to glean the information which is scattered out through many manuals.

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You can take comfort (and I speak from experience) that the learning curve from Access to FM is far less than the other way around. A few years ago, MS even added in some FM features in an attempt to make Access friendlier.

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