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I have two global fields in table1





I want to use this info to perform a find in table2. I'm looking for a found set from table2 defined by a date-range.


I use the Set Field script step to pick out the date field in table2, but can't work out how to use the two dates stored in the globals as two ends of a range i.e start-date.....end-date


I have tried a calculation in Set Field i.e

table2: date > table1::sdate_G and table2::date ? table1::edate_G


This produces nothing at all


So to summarise:

how do I drop dates into a find request via Set Field to return a found set correpsonding to a date-range?




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In v6 i use

Go to Layout [ table2 ]

Enter Find Mode []

Insert Calc Result [ date ; table1::sdate_G & "..." & table1::edate_G ]

Perform Find []

Because if the date field is date format, Set Field [ date ; table1::sdate_G & "..." & table1::edate_G ] generate error

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This may be a bit off topic but how do you make a lookup field return a text message such as "not applicable" if the result of the lookup is nothing ?

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In the lookup setup dialog, specify what to do when there's no match. You can type in a text string next to the last radio button.




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