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Invoice Calc Service Charge


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Hello All -


I am hoping by posting this message I might get some new creative approachs, I am killing myself, pounding my head against my desk trying to come up with a "simple solution". Please Help!


I have a Invoice System in FileMaker 7 which has 3 tables Invoice, Invoice Dtl and AccRec.


In Invoice I have a calculated amount Due Field (sum(InvoiceDetail::ExtAmount)


I also have a calulated Amount Paid



and finally I have a Balance fields which takes The (Amount Due - Amount Paid)


I also have a Service Charge field which calculated the amount of days past due and creates a service charge.


I would like the service charge to only calculate the balance due rather than the amount due. But because I am using calculated fields I am not able to do this.


I am very intrested to know any "simple solution" to deal with this without having to use lookup fields and recalculation everytime I go to Invoice.


All ideas welcome, thanks in advance.


Kitty Kane

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