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Validation Question in Related Fields - Pleas Help


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Can someone please help me figure out how I can limit the number of times a certain field value can be created for each related record? I have no idea if I'm making any sense, but I'll give you an example just to clarify:


I have two related databases. One is a "Users" database, and the other is a "Football Picks" database. The user makes multiple team picks thoughout the season, but the user should only be able to choose each team 4 times in total. How can I limit that?


Basically, the calculation or validation needs to be able to stop the entry of a value entered into a field belonging to an individual user to only a limited amount of times.


Anyone have any ideas please?





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You could script the picking process, and have the script check the value of a field which is incremented each time a pick is made, failing if the counter = 4.


Be sure to have the increment step only take place after the last opportunity for the user to cancel the pick.

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You can create free files : Users(with User_Id field), Teams(with Team_id), Picks(which contain User_Id,Team_Id). After your work will be easy and you can resolve your problem.

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