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calculation case rub1 = 1 then rub2 = RED


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Hi there,


I just look for a way, i create a field call Choix_Color, this field calculate the result for three other field.


So then at the and if CHOIX_COLOR = 1 then i want the field


C_IMG_COLOR copy the container data call C_RED and show the red square.


Im not sure the GETFIELD is the good command but i didn't found anything else.



Choix_Couleur = 1;GetField ( Parametre::img_rouge );

Choix_Couleur = 2;GetField ( Parametre::img_orange );

Choix_Couleur = 3;GetField ( Parametre::img_vert )

;GetField (Parametre::img_bleu ))


For who didn't understand it's just because know it's in french (Rouge = RED, Orange = Orange and Vert = Green)


This is my case, so someone know why i didn't found the Parametre::img_rouge at the end if the field is 1 ?



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I Assumé C_IMG_COLOR is a repeating graphic field?


If not; try it

In repetition 1 paste a Red Square

In repetition 2 paste an Orange Square

In repetition 3 paste a Green Square

In repetition 4 paste a Blue Square



In the Case Statement do this


Case(Choix_Couleur = 1; GetRepetition(C_IMG_COLOR,1);

Choix_Couleur = 2; GetRepetition(C_IMG_COLOR,2);

Choix_Couleur = 3; GetRepetition(C_IMG_COLOR,3);

Choix_Couleur = 4; GetRepetition(C_IMG_COLOR,4);"")

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To use your existing graphics and choix field, just use your current calc without the GetFields:


C_IMG_COLOR (calculation, container result) =


Choix_Couleur = 1; Parametre::img_rouge;

Choix_Couleur = 2; Parametre::img_orange;

Choix_Couleur = 3; Parametre::img_vert;

Parametre::img_bleu )

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