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Question about Tables

Ron K

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Other than for password management, is there any advantage to having multiple tables in one database or multiple databases, each with one table, related to each other.



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Well, the answer to this question could fill a chapter or two in a text book but one significant reason is to reduce the number of scripts. Right now I'm running a 55 file system on v6 and in each of the 55 files I have the exact same scripted print routine. With version 7 this common routine is only needed one time because it is contained in the common file which is available to all tables.


It should also be noted that all other database programs (Oracle, MS SQL Server, etc.) that I am aware of are configured in a multi-table per file fashion. The one-table-per-file thing was unique to FileMaker (I think) and the folks at FM Inc. realized that they were on the wrong path so they changed it with v7.

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