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Good Day All


Can anyone laugh.gif recommend a book that would be good for Scripts and / or Calculations for FMP7. I have seen a few that say they are for FMP6 but I do not what any conflicts. So I am concentrating on FMP7.



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any book written for FP6 will also be OK for FP7 with very few exceptions. in fact I would go so far as to say that "Scriptology" written in te FP3/4 days is still the outstanding primer.

if you want a subscription email and video service I would recommend 'FileMaker Magazine", published by the same guy as "Scriptology".

If you want to contact them they are at http://www.filemakermagazine.com/

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Them was de good ol' days, aged P. (Ever read Dickens' story that has the Aged P?)


The major change deals with parameter passing and variables, but once you are comfortable with a book (I've not ready any on scripting, but I too have heard Scriptology is good) then you can use the help files to fill in those blanks should you need to.

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