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2 questions - adjustable ranking, lock/unlock


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Question 1 -


I have a DB with things to do - (could be 100's) but only 10 are ranked (1 - 10). If one item is closed (by clicking a radio button) the ranking is cleared and the closed date is entered. What I want to happen is the ranking order to change, for example - what was 3 will now be 2. Any ideas?


Question 2


I have a DB that I want users to have the ability to lock and unlock. I have a field with radio buttons locked/unlocked. If the record is locked - no fields can be modified, unlocked all fields can be modified. I knew that if the record was locked, the users could not select the unlock button, so I wrote a script that would set the field - this does not work. (FYI - I used the limited feature with a calculation in the password section). I know (think) that in version 7, I could get this to work, but until the company rolls out v7 for all users I am stuck with v6.


I thought about validating each field - yuck; lots of work - any ideas?

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for question 1:


Do you have a flag field for ranked items? do you manually select the next ranking record? what you could do is this:


1. create a found set of ranked records (e.g. using go to related records for gFlag::Flag)

2. sort by ranking order

3. use the replace script step to enter a new serial value

4. select the next ranking record, flag it and give this the number 10.


question 2:


you can validate by calculation. two options

case(lock;FieldName) will trigger when the LockRecord field is left empty

case(lock=1;FieldName) will trigger when the LockRecord field holds a value that is not 1.


And then I read the last line of your post. sigh.....


make a button then that toggles between two identical layouts- one with all the fields locked, the other, unlocked.





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