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How can I automatically add attachments?

The Digital Man

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Hi! It's me again!


O.K. I want to send an email with an attachment. I want to do this within a script and have the script automatically attach the file of which I have the filename stored in a field already (History::DocName). How do I indicate this in the script step? Or can it be done? I know I can do this using SMPTit and I will if necessary. But I figured why not use the native built in ability of Filemaker 7 and save myself upgrading SMPTit.

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Hi Randy,


FM only lets you specify 1 attachment per scriptstep 'send mail'.


Specify the file in the scripstep and you're off.


I prefer the SMTP-it, because it's more flexible. It lets you send mail even by a web-user, while the 'send mail' script step is not comp[atible for web.



Good luck



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